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Word of Mouth Marketing 

Word of Mouth Marketing aka SEEDING 
What is Seeding?
Create as much as possible more humanized form of advertising that seamlessly combines the advertising message with humans. 
These seeders play the role of a friend, a peer, a like-minded one, a mentor one in the customer journey. Hence, when they deliver the message, it will work effectively.

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Seeding with....

Who should seed?

Brands that would like to increase brand awareness.

Brands that are new to the market.

Brands that would like to launch a new product or services.

Brands that wish to have quality content circulating around social media platforms.

Brands who wishes to cut through noise and stand out from its competitors.

Bean Jr Seeding Campaign 

Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 12.41.48 PM.png


Due to MCO brand sales has reduced due to no walk-ins and limited online presence.

How did we solve? 

50 seeders was planned for Bean Jr to run in a duration of  2 weeks. All seeders are given 2 best-selling desserts from Bean Jr in return of 1 genuine experience review on their social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook).



Within the 2 weeks period, Bean Jr’s page followers increased up to 450 organically and sales of the speciality product increased double! That is about 50% return of investment!

With our seeding activities together with campaign planning, we are able to reach out to more audience and even caught media attention and gotten featured.

Local dessert brand with  outlets across klang valley.

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