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Influencer Marketing

To create a successful campaign, we follow some predefined steps that help

us define your KPI’s and your audience. Once we have set your target

audience, we determine influencers that can be worked with to achieve your



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The Process.

We follow seven steps when creating on influencer campaign.


Analysing your competition.

We consider our strategies first by analysing

existing strategies implemented by relevant

competition in the industry.


Defining objectives.

As a first step, we define your KPIs to set clear

goals for your advert production.


Creating promotions.

Our influencers create creative ad campaigns

across a plethora of selected social media


Campaign reporting.

We provide a detailed report on the completed

campaign, in which we review the process and

the successes achieved, considering previously

set KPIs.




The next step is to define the demographic and

geographic data of your target group.

Defining target audience.

We find suitable influencers that match your

selected demographic and geographic data of

target group.

Selecting influencers.

In close cooperation with selected influencers,

we ensure the campaign is implemented as


Content approval.

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