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MSM Crystal Bracelet

MSM Crystal Bracelet

MSM was created to bring the meaning crystal bracelet into the world.

It is an energy that you couldn't see but just feel. Your wish in your mind will come true as the flow with the law of attractions. It absorbs the good from your left and gets rid of the bad from your right. 

As seen MSM consist of four different crystal bracelet that works together.

Golden Hair - The well-known crystal that promotes wealth and abundance. It is suitable for businesses or employees. 

Pink - When seeing the pink that represents " Relationship". As a human, we need people in our life. They provide the opportunity to you in terms of money, work, love, and so forth.

White - It is the balance of nature. Help you get rid of the bad by balancing your mind. You will feel calm and less anxious.

Green Ghost - As known as the most powerful crystal in attracting and enhance your wealth


How To Take Care 

A : Keep it away from water, perfume in order to maintain the colour from turning black

How To Start

A : While you receive the package, please WhatsApp our customer service. We have a video guide on how to use this crystal bracelet


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